Hi All,

Welcome to my blog! Over the next few weeks I’ll be giving you a little insight about instrument cluster faults that unfortunately too many of you encounter.
As this is my first blog (and we are seeing a lot of them at the moment) I thought I would start with A. Audi. We repair pretty much any Audi cluster, whether its an old 99 plate or one that the warranty has just expired!


The older clusters most commonly suffer with failing or faulty gauges, for example, on the TT’s the fuel and temperature gauges are prone to rise straight to hot/full as soon as you turn on the car. They also suffer with LCD display issues- as in pixels missing or extra lines showing and warning lights flickering.
The slightly newer clusters mostly suffer with back lighting issues, for instance, part of the rev counter would not be illuminated or is flickering which is more noticeable at night. They can also have LCD display issues, usually fading when they get warm, completely dead or intermittently dying and also quite commonly the whole cluster dies!
If you are experiencing any instrument cluster issues, even something that I haven’t mentioned then just give me a call!



PS – If you ask I have a discount price to my readers 🙂