Working with a team of fully qualified electronic engineers, Cartronix has emerged as one of the leading automotive electronic repair service providers in the UK. Specialising in digital dashboard and LCD pixel repair, Cartronix provides the most reliable services to its clients with its top-quality services and commitment, the company has firmly established itself in the industry throughout the years.

The wide range of services offered is one of the major factors that have helped the company gain a strong foothold in the industry. Apart from instrument cluster and LCD repairs, the company offers a variety of other reliable services to its clients including key and key card repairs, car audio decoding, performance tuning and airbag module crash data removal.

cartronix office
cartronix office

Cartronix can repair most instrument clusters with failing gauges, flashing warning or back lights or if it has complete power failure. Those who are facing problems with the LCD display on their speedometer or radio can also benefit from the repair services offered by the company whether the display is unreadable or there are missing pixels.

Also with its top-quality Airbag crash data reset tools, the company can clean and erase all crash data information conveniently as well as re-maping ECU’s on cars and vans to maximise optimum performance, increasing power and also achieving extra miles per gallon.

Cartronix have made it convenient for all vehicle owners to retain all their original data, the company ensures that all its clients get the best results in a cost-effective manner. By restoring digital dashboards and all any equipment to their original condition, the company ensures that the customers are not required to replace the faulty equipment with the new ones. Moreover, with its Lifetime warranty, the company ensures that all repaired equipment continues to function smoothly for a long time.