Terms & Conditions

Cartronix Cluster Repairs Ltd (referred to as Cartronix) makes every effort to maintain its dedication to retailing excellence for our customers in all aspects of our service – we constantly strive to provide customer satisfaction and excellent value for money.

About your repair

Most repairs are usually turned around the same day in our workshop and it is very rare that this process may take a little longer. When your Instrument Cluster has been repaired we contact the customer for payment. Once the unit has been paid for in full we will return the item via DHL (Next Working Day).

Contract: Quote and Estimate

The Cartronix Repair job quote is an estimate of the usual price for this type of repair. However, the final price can differ from the price quoted for instance where extra labour is necessary or additional parts are required by the engineer due to incorrect fault symptoms given by the customer to Cartronix or if the Instrument Cluster has been tampered with by a third party and in cases where our warranty seal has been broken, the price may increase. If this is the case, the customer will be informed by phone, email or in person and a new contract will come into place before any additional work will be undertaken by one of engineers.

Estimates of repair costs and diagnostic testing charges are included in the repair quote agreed by the customer and Cartronix, confirmed in contract. If this contracted work increases due to reasons previously listed and the customer does not wish to continue with the work there is a minimum charge for diagnostic testing of £40 this charge includes the current UK VAT rate of 20%, additional return postage will need to be paid by the customer this is currently £12.95.

The minimum diagnostic testing fee will also be applicable if the repair is unable to take place due to a previous tamper by a third party or damage beyond repair to the Instrument Cluster due to external voltage surges e.g. from inappropriate procedures such as jump starting etc.


When sending your package to us we strongly recommend that you add insurance to your package. Insurance is not free. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please also make sure you package your items very well and include contact details, fault details and signed Cartronix job form. If you are returning an item under warranty please also include your original invoice and Warranty Claim form. We ship all instrument clusters back to you via DHL, return postage is an additional £12.95 charge.

Receipt of goods – once goods are received by Cartronix they are fully inspected and checked for any damages that may have incurred in transit. If it appears damages have occurred in transit from the customer to Cartronix the customer will be notified within 24 hours. Cartronix assures no responsibility for any damages incurred during shipping. All shipping takes place at the customers own risk. If our engineers are able to repair or supply replacement parts for those that have been damaged in transit a new quote will be agreed and a new contract raised.

On receiving your repaired Instrument Cluster after shipping, customers are requested to inform Cartronix of any damage that may have occurred in the transit from Cartronix to the customer. If the customer does not inform Cartronix of damage in transit within 24 hours of delivery then Cartronix may not be able to offer a refund.

Refunds: the Law

Cartronix makes every effort to maintain its dedication to excellent customer service in all aspects of our business however even with the best relationships sometimes issues occur and a disagreement can evolve. We are committed to make all the efforts we can to resolve issues as soon as possible and ask all our customers to familiarise themselves with our Terms and Conditions.

There are some instances where we will require any instrument cluster supplied by Cartronix to be returned to us before we are able to issue a refund. We do not refund shipping costs.

Please Note:

By law we do not have to offer a refund if the customer:

  • damaged an item by trying to repair it themselves or getting someone else to do it and our warranty seal is broken.

Customers MUST retain the original invoice as this is the proof of purchase and the lifetime warranty – this is required for refunds and investigations under under warranty.

Allowing Us the Opportunity to Put Things Right

  1. If you believe we are responsible for any damage to the Instrument Cluster you must afford us a reasonable opportunity to put things right and arrange to return the cluster to us for investigation under warranty.

  2. We will not be responsible if you fail to afford us a reasonable opportunity to put things right.


We are under legal duty to supply products and services that are in conformity with the contract between ourselves and the customer. If you have a complaint and/or are not satisfied with a product or service please contact us using admin@cartronix.co.uk

Please Note:

All our staff have the right not to be subjected to any behaviour or abuse in person, on the phone or online. This includes:

  • threats of physical harm or violence

  • inappropriate religious, cultural or racist remarks

  • homophobic, sexist or any other derogatory remarks

  • abusive and offensive language

  • shouting

We will not tolerate such action towards any of our staff and serious incidents will result in us ceasing communications and inform the authorities and our legal team.

At Cartronix we are in business to serve our customers efficiently and provide them with excellent customer service and when dealing with rude customers we will counteract inflammatory behaviour with calm considered responses. We will try not to take any comments personally whilst actively listening to our customers and we will apologise if it is appropriate to do so.

However, we will stand firm when necessary and after a hostile encounter we will report any serious or worrying incidents to the authorities and consult with our legal team.

MILEAGE CORRECTION DISCLAIMER: Adjusting a vehicles mileage is not illegal. It only becomes illegal if you knowingly sell the vehicle without disclosing the correction in the mileage reading.

We will ONLY correct the mileage for the following reasons:

    • A replacement cluster has been fitted and the mileage needs match the original cluster;

    • The mileage has become corrupt either by jump starting or by an electronic breakdown;

    • The reading was originally in KM and needs to be converted in MILES or vice versa;

    • A mileage disclaimer needs to be signed and proof of original mileage needs to produced before correction can take place.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not take responsibility for any illegal activity. By accepting any of our services you agree to the terms on our legal disclaimer, please do not accept our services if you are not sure of the conditions. We DO NOT “CLOCK” motor vehicles if this is your intention please do not ask.

Disclaimer: Pricing Error

In general, there is no law that requires Cartronix to honour an advertised price if that price is wrong due to a typographical error, a miscommunication such as a wrong quote given over the phone or a glitch which has resulted in a pricing error. We do not have a legal commitment to complete the sale/repair if the pricing error is too small e.g. £10 instead of £100. If the price gap between the wrongly advertised price and the actual price is too big we may have to negotiate with the customer to pay the correct price e.g. if the difference is hundreds of pounds. In cases where the mistake isn’t too big then we may honour the wrong price that has been advertised e.g. £5 difference. If we are unable to resolve the issue with the customer then we will refund the fees for the work carried out and return the cluster in its original condition.

Terms and Conditions

Lifetime Warranty

As from 1st July 2015 Cartronix offer a Lifetime Warranty as long as you own the vehicle (not transferable when the vehicle is sold to a third party). This covers the repair of your unit back to its original operating condition, all our internal components and labour have a Lifetime Warranty from the date of payment (found on your invoice that is returned to you with your Instrument Cluster) for any problems resulting from manufacturing or workmanship defects.

PLEASE NOTE: The Lifetime Warranty does not include any postage, removal/refitting fees, diagnostic, coding, programming, software download, and/or engineer/mechanic charges that are incurred if additional work is required to the Instrument Cluster that was not part of the original invoice covered by the Lifetime Warranty.


We will, at our discretion, investigate your claim under warranty and if a defect is found we will repair if:

  • we are given a reasonable time period for our engineers to examine and re-test your Instrument Cluster;

  • you return such goods to us for inspection and testing together with a completed warranty claim form with any relevant information and reason for the warranty claim, and the original invoice;

  • the loss of the original invoice deems the Lifetime Warranty null and void and further repairs will require additional payment;

  • the Lifetime Warranty covers the initial fault repair carried out by a Cartronix engineer, replacement components and workmanship; any “New” faults are NOT covered by the Lifetime Warranty;

  • the Cartronix Lifetime Warranty seal is intact on your Instrument Cluster, the warranty is deemed void if this seal on the Instrument Cluster has been tampered with through you opening, altering or repairing components inside the Instrument Cluster without our written consent.

Factors that could further void the warranty include, but are not limited to: wilful damage, negligence, water damage, fire damage, over voltage damage, part being damaged as a result of another defective part in the vehicle, damage caused by jump starting the vehicle, improper use, or use in an application for which the part was not intended.


  • We do not usually cover postage costs if the warranty is null & void.

  • We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages;

  • We do not pay for car hire or other means of transport if your vehicle is off the road;

  • We do not arrange for collection of your vehicle or removal of your Instrument Cluster off site, this is something you will have to organise yourself;

  • If Cartronix Cluster Repairs Ltd determines the part is beyond repair, we will either provide a replacement unit, or refund the entire repair price, at our discretion;

  • Following our rigorous testing and investigation procedure, should our engineers discover additional faults or operating issues then they will only carry out further work that requires extra payment after consultation and agreement with the customer;

  • All replacement parts belong to Cartronix Cluster Repairs Ltd until paid for in full.


  • We will not cover shipping costs to return items to us.

  • We will we not refund shipping costs.

  • If any damage is noted on return of the cluster we must be notified within 24 hours, if not we will refuse to refund the item.

The Lifetime Warranty is provided in addition to your statutory rights in relation to defective products and at our sole discretion and we may amend them at any time. Nothing in this Lifetime Warranty will affect your statutory rights.

Please complete a Warranty Claim Form or download to return your Instrument Cluster for investigation under warranty and include in your box with your original invoice and send a copy of the completed Warranty Claim Form to admin@cartronix.co.uk

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Please ensure that you have read our Terms and Conditions.

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