Welcome back

to my blog about all things instrument clusters! On this site I’m just giving you some information about what you may experience when having cluster issues.
This week I want to talk about Fords, pieces of great engineering however, when it comes down to the cluster… not so great!
Now the cold and damp weather has arrived it can cause absolute havoc with these clusters. For example on the MK1 Focus or MK6 Transit it is common for the circuit board itself to cause component failure and program issues which means you can lose or get erratic dials and extra or no lights.
The MK2 Ford Focus Clusters are a little more complex and can stop the car from starting as well as stopping dials and making the cluster light up like a Christmas tree! If you plug this in diagnostically it would come up with communication errors, CAN-BUS errors and numerous faults which are not actually true. Unfortunately we get quite a few customers come to us after replacing all the elements which came up on the diagnostics just to find out it was the cluster all along, which can end up very expensive!
Even the SMax, Mondeo and Galaxy clusters cause very similar and sometimes very intermittent issues! 
We get all these clusters daily so if you experience issues like these with your Ford, don’t panic, you are not the only one! 



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