In every company there is that one person who seems to keep everything in place and when you need to know what should be done they’re the one you ask, the glue that hold it all together! Here at Cartronix that person is our very own Sarah.

Sarah has been here for 6 years and over that time she has dealt with every aspect of the business and other than keeping the rest of us in line, what she excels at is knowing what the problems are with your instrument cluster – she literally has heard every possible problem and can tell very quickly what to expect and how we will repairs it.

Sarah fields an enormous amount of calls daily, patiently listen to each person’s in depth description of the issues they have! Then advising them on the right course of action to get it resolved as quick as possible.

So a common phrase heard around Cartronix is – Ask Sarah – Over the next few weeks that is what we will do on this blog and if you have any issues with your instrument cluster we recommend you do the same !

Ask Sarah – Phone: 02392 265986 / 02392 241412

P.S. Also Ask Sarah for a discount (Quote – “the blog”)